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You will need RealOne to listen to the audio on this page

RealOne Download

RealOne® or RealPlayer® is required to listen to the audio stream. It is available for quick download absolutely free. There is a premium version available, but is not necessary.

The FREE RealOne player download link is not easy to find. When you click the download link you will see a page similar to the one below. The free link is circled in red and has a red arrow pointing to it.

Free RealOne Download Link
Click Page Above to Download RealOne

No Frills - No Junk Installation

You can install RealOne with all the bells and whistles and it is a superb full function media player... but it is not necessary. If you DON'T WANT TO CHANGE YOUR SYSTEM PLAYER DEFAULTS and want to keep your computer working just like it worked before the installation... You can install the minimum player by unchecking all the checked options when installing. When you get to the section that asks what file types you want to associate with RealOne choose none... RealOne will still automatically open RealMedia files and work in your browser.

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