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You will need RealOne to listen to the audio on this page

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I can't hear the music. What's wrong? Necessary Items for listening:
  1. You must have have a computer with a sound card and an internet connection capable of receiving at least 40kbs.
  2. The sound must be enabled, not muted, and the volume elevated high enough to hear.
  3. Your browser must be current (version 4.0 or newer for Internet Explorer or Netscape/ Mozilla)
  4. JavaScript must be enabled (see your browser preferences)
  5. Microsoft ActiveX must be enabled (see your browser preferences)
  6. Pop-up windows should be enabled (see your browser preferences)
  7. RealOne or Real Player must be installed to listen to RealMedia content.

Some of the music files are in RealMedia format and require RealOne (RealPlayer) for listening. Download and install or update to the latest RealOne. A free version is available and works fine.

Help and instructions for downloading and installing RealOne player:

  • The free RealPlayer link should be near the top right of the RealOne download page. It is not obvious. Look closely. You can maintain your current default players... when installing you do NOT need to set the player as a system default for other file types. Want the player only without all the junk? Just uncheck all options when installing.
Some of the RealOne controls do not display correctly You probably have an older version of RealPlayer... Download and install the latest RealOne.
Which browser should I use to view this site? This site displays best in the latest versions of Internet Explorer. It works well in later versions of Netscape. Browsers older than version 4.0 may not be fully functional.
I get a Browser Warning that active content is being blocked. This site uses scripts to implement playlists. Please click the warning and allow blocked content. All content on is safe.
Performance issues:
The sound is erratic.
The audio streams at two separate bit rates. Ultra-Enhanced (or hi-fi) audio requires a high speed internet connection (DSL, Cable, or faster). Web-Enhanced (or lo-fi) audio works for both high speed and dialup connections, but the audio quality is better with high speed Ultra-Enhanced (or hi-fi).

1- Make sure you have a new updated version of the player. Open the player on desktop. Open "Preferences". Click the "Connection" tab then check to see that your player preferences for "Connection" bandwidth are set to a download speed equal to or less than your internet connection speed.
2- Excessive buffering indicates you are not receiving the data fast enough. Probable causes are you have something else downloading in addition to our stream, your internet connection is too slow, our server is busy, or internet is busy. Also remember that Ultra-Enhanced (or hi-fi) music requires high speed access (DSL, Cable, or faster) and will not stream successfully with a dial-up connection.
3- Close unneeded programs running in the background on your computer to free up resources.
4- Update your browser to the latest version
5- If all this fails you probably need to find a faster internet service provider or you need to update your computer.

Why is there a delay when I click a link? Probably because your modem is busy downloading a media file. To speed things up, just stop the music before clicking any link.
Can I download the Music? No. We are a listen-only site... All media on this site are copyrighted and cannot be copied or distributed without permission from the copyright holder.
What does Ultra-Enhanced audio mean? The Ultra-Enhanced (or hi-fi) audio format was developed by Wayne Fetherbay of Gringoloco Graphics. The process maximizes the sound quality for premium speakers at 128kbs (or faster) compression settings. It allows extremely high quality streaming stereo audio to be served over high-speed dsl or cable internet connections.
What does Web-Enhanced audio mean? The Web-Enhanced (or lo-fi) audio format was developed by Wayne Fetherbay of Gringoloco Graphics. The process maximizes the sound quality at ultra high compression settings. It allows quality streaming stereo audio to be served over dialup internet connections.
I lost a window after opening it. Where is it? It is probably under the window you are viewing. Find the lost window icon on your taskbar and click it to put that window on top, or resize (or minimize) the main window to see it.
Who is Xena Xeon? Xena Xeon is our computer generated voice. Xena assists us as a DJ and host when everyone else is busy. She's a very efficient employee and is willing to work for an extremely small salary... but she can be be a little conceited at times! She has a high opinion of her abilities and beauty!     Meet Xena Xeon!

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